A group calling itself Rural Communities United (RCU) filed an appeal of the September 2, 2015 Planning Commission recommendation to the Board of Supervisors (Board) for adoption of the Targeted General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA-ZOU).  In a letter accompanying the appeal, RCU asked the Board of Supervisors to form a “task force” to negotiate a back room deal with RCU to change the proposed TGPA-ZOU


Their proposed “task force” would be composed of two Planning Commissioners, two Board members, County Counsel and TGPA/ZOU staff along with an unspecified number of persons representing RCU, Ellen Van Dyke and possibly others.  The letter asks the Board to direct staff to “amend the proposed project approval documents” to reflect “changes...agreed upon by the task force”.  (Link to RCU Appeal and Letter 09 08 2015)

From the beginning, the TGPA-ZOU process has been open and transparent.  We strongly objected to RCU’s request for a secretive process to negotiate changes behind closed doors in the “back room”.  Read our letter to the Board of Supervisors Letter to BOS 09 16 2015