As part of the strategy to "keep us rural", the 2004 voter-approved General Plan accommodates most future commercial development, and about 75% of future housing growth within the communities of El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, El Dorado/Diamond Springs, and unincorporated area on the outskirts of the City of Placerville.  Known as Community Regions, these areas comprise only about 32,000 acres of land located along the Highway 50 corridor in areas with access to public services and infrastructure such as public sewer and water facilities and major roads.

Much of the area is already developed, raising questions about how much residential land is available to accommodate the growth forecast and where the growth will occur.  Our recent research paper uses detailed maps and tables, and tables to address these and other questions.  For the full report, see Land Use Planning in El Dorado County: Community Regions, October 2015

Maps from this report are often called the "Black Maps" because land considered unavailable for future residential use is depicted in black, and available residential land is shown various colors. The "Black Maps" for each Community Region and the overall area are shown below.

El Dorado Hills Community Region "Black Map"
Cameron Park Community Region "Black Map"
Shingle Springs Community Region "Black Map"
El Dorado/Diamond Springs CR "Black Map"
Overall Community Region "Black Map"