Every city and county in the state is required by state law to adopt and maintain a valid General Plan as a plan "for the physical development" of land within its jurisdiction.  After a lengthy process, El Dorado County adopted its current General Plan in 2004.  The General Plan assigns a Land Use Designation (LUD), represented by a color on the Land Use Map, to every parcel in the County.  Further, the plan describes allowed uses within each Land Use Designation, and for the residential LUDs, defines the allowable range of density. 

The General Plan is often described as the "constitution" for land use -- all other land use decisions, including zoning, must be consistent with the Land Use Designation (LUD).

We have developed a series of interactive maps depicting the General Plan Land Use Designations of parcels by Supervisorial District.  Try "zooming in" to find your home or other property.

District 1 General Plan Land Use Map 
District 2 General Plan Land Use Map 
District 3 General Plan Land Use Map 
District 4 General Plan Land Use Map 
District 5 General Plan Land Use Map 

Table 1, below, compiles information from the General Plan into a single source to define the Land Use Designation (or "color"), the type of use (such as Low Density Residential or Industrial), the permitted range of densities for residential uses (where allowed), and the Zones consistent with the land use.  The table also identifies whether the Land Use Designations are allowed only in Rural Regions (such as Natural Resources and Agricultural Lands), only in Community Regions and Rural Centers (such as Multifamily Residential or High Density Residential), or in all areas (such as Low Density Residential).

Table 1. GP Land Use, Density and Zoning Consistency Matrix

Finally, the allowed uses and range of densities for each Land Use Designation are described in General Plan Policy

For more information, please refer to our Land Use and Zoning Paper, February 1, 2016.  Information is also available on the County of El Dorado website at TGPA/ZOU Information.  The County maintains an interactive mapping tool that will allow you to search the General Plan Land Use Designation and current or prior zoning of any parcel.