The 2004 General Plan does not anticipate extensive commercial use or large residential subdivisions within roughly 15,000 acres designated as Rural Centers, or more than 1,000,000 acres of land in the Rural Regions of the county.  Historical land use alternatives to rural subdivisions, such as agriculture, timber and mineral resource extraction, are impacted by more stringent regulations and public land management policy changes related to timber harvesting and grazing allotments.  As a result, rural landowners must look to alternative sources of income to maintain economic viability of rural lands.  The recent Targeted General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA-ZOU) includes strategies to expand the county's rural economy.  These issues are discussed at greater length in the report below.

Land Use Planning: Rural Centers and Rural Regions, November 8, 2015

Letter to BOS re: Rural Centers and Rural Region Paper November 9, 2015